What is required to have an award-winning website?

The Web Marketing Association’s Web-Based Marketing Conference has been held annually since 1997. The Web site development standard has been set by the Award Competition.

The following are the seven criteria used to evaluate Web sites in the annual competition.

  • Conceptualization

A lot of people judge a book by its cover, and the same is true of websites. If a website appears to be outdated and unprofessional, it will lose a lot of credibility.

  • Information

The mantra of most award-winning Web sites has been “content is king.” People go to a website to see what it has to offer. If the content they’re looking for isn’t available, they’ll abandon the site.

  • Creativity

Innovation, also known as the “wow” factor, is something new and eye-catching that adds value to the site and improves the user’s experience. It could be new technology, search method, navigation system, content, or design.

  • Science and technology

The use of technology can either help or hurt the usefulness of a website. Users may have to work harder to find what they’re looking for if a site uses too much technology. It doesn’t matter how impressive new technology is if it slows down the site or makes it more difficult for users to find information.

  • The ability to interact.

Some websites are only intended to provide information. Other sites make their sites more interactive by using calculators or tools. Some websites also provide games to enhance the user’s online experience.

  • Writing copy

Thousands of dollars are frequently spent designing and programming a website, with little thought given to the words used. To convey their messages, the best websites are well-written and use simple language, short sentences, and bullet points. Most importantly, they are meticulously proofread to ensure that there are no typos.

  • Convenience of use

Some of the “coolest” sites were difficult to navigate in the beginning. Today’s websites do a much better job of directing users to the information they seek. Users should be able to navigate to any other area of the site in three clicks or less on the best websites.